Who We are

The Cherry Place Foundation (CPF) is a nonprofit organization designed to be a safe haven for those who are beginning their journey with cancer. CPF is dedicated to educating women in the Duval County community on breast health and wellness with an emphasis on survival.  CPF empowers women to take charge and have faith that the diagnosis does not equate to an end. 

Our Mission

The Cherry Place Foundation aims to support women during their journey through cancer while bridging the gap between their indiviudal needs and service availableity by providing a supportive enviornment, credible resources, and education. 

Our Values

Empowerment, Faith, Survival, Compassion, Education

Why It Started

The Cherry Place Foundation was founded by Phyllis Fennell, a native to Jacksonville, Florida and a long time employee in the medical health field. Although a 9 year breast cancer survivor, Phyllis knows first-hand and still understands how it feels to hear those deafening words from your doctor as well as the struggle of moving forward.  It has since been her mission to support cancer patients in ways that may be overlooked by healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other professionals in the community.